Sewing with Brain tanned Buckskin (eenmalig/one-off!)

 This course will be given by Woniya Thibeault from Buckskin Revolution who became second in Alone Season 6 (73 days out in the Artic wilderness).
Course language is English.

 This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know about sewing with buckskin. We will cover how buckskin is made and what makes it so unique, how to design your own bags and clothing, how to choose the best seam and stitches, and much more.

Everyone will make a Buckskin bag. The bag is designed as a learning project and uses many different techniques and stitches to give you hands on skills and the confidence and knowledge to tackle larger projects.
The class is not so much about the project you will be making, but about the learning process. It takes a lot longer to make the bag than you would probably think, because you will be learning so many techniques and do so many different stitches while working the bag.

We will meet Friday evening for introductions and spend Saturday and Sunday learning and sewing. With any time we have left Sunday afternoon after completing our bags we will be making patterns for side seam moccasins. 

The materials fee for the class covers the brain tanned buckskin for the bag as well as a handmade sewing awl by Woniya for every student.

During the course we will work in an old hunting cabin owned by Camping is possible in the surrounding woods.

(The gallery is at it's best on a bigger screen)

Course content:

  • what is buckskin?
  • how is it made?
  • what makes it unique?
  • designing basics (clothing, bags, etc)
  • seams and stitches and which to use for what purpose
  • the 'golden rules' of buckskin sewing
  • sewing your own buckskin bag using all different stitches (11W x 14H x 4D)
  • pattern making for side seam moccasins


Sewing with Brain tanned Buckskin
Places available
  • 26 juni 2020 tot 28 juni 2020

Duration: Friday 20:00 pm - Sunday ± 16:00 pm)
Group size: minimum 8 - maximum 12
Preknowledge: not required
this course is self catering. EXTRA provides coffee, tea and cookies.
Location: The Netherlands, wooden cabin near Dieren
Accommodation: camping in the woods, either in your own tent or under a tarp.
Costs per person:
€ 250,= plus €40,= materialcosts
Included: taxes (BTW), all needed materials, buckskin, an awl made by Woniya, coffee / tea and camping.
Excluded: your meals, cooking utensils and camping equipment.

(Deposit 95,=)