Tanning unusual skins (birds, feet, moose ears, reindeer legs and more)

- This course will be taught by traditional Master tanner Hanna Nore from Finland -
- Course language is English -

- Course will be held in Southern Finland, Kemiö Island -

This is a new and unique chance to learn how to tan unusual skins like turkey feet and bird skins with their feathers, moose ears and reindeer leg skins.
All anchored traditionally in Finnish (tanning) culture.

Next to this you will tan original Finnish sheep breeds. And at the end sew your own traditional moose ear or reindeer leg skin mittens or pouches from your freshly tanned skins.

Of course we will do this the traditional Skandinavian way and learn with one of the best traditional tanning masters from that region: Hanna Nore, the author of the newly published book 'Tanning Game'.

During this 7 day intensive course you will learn the basics of two traditional tanning methods: fat tanning and vegetable tanning. To participate you will need a basic experience with tanning to make it possible to dive deeper into the toppic.
Skandinavia has a slightly different tradition and approach in tanning animal skins which is interesting to become familiar with. You will learn to use different tools, scrapers and beams from the ones we mostly use here.

The focus of the 7 days will be on tanning while using techniques from Hanna's book. And get the chance to ask her all your questions.
Next to that you will spend many hours in a real tannery where a lot of different processes and steps from other hides, methodes, tools and approaches can be seen.

We will close this intensive tanning week with a visit to a local traditonal Finish smoke sauna lit by a 150 candles... to treat sore muscles and relax.

You will leave this course with a hand tanned sheep skin, 3 moose ears and 2 reindeer leg skins (partly sewn into mittens or pouches). And last but not least 1 bird skin with feathers and a turkey foot.
And the knowlegde to tan more hides yourself!

And please prepare for long intens days of working and learning in the tannery.

EXTRA info

Duration: 7 full days (Thursday 9 am - Wednesday late evening)
Group size: min 6 - max 12
Prerequisites: for this course you need a basic experience in tanning!
Catering: part of the food is catered and included, the weekend is self-catering. Catered are:
Thursday & Friday breakfast, lunch & dinner, Monday - Wednesday breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Self catered are:
Friday dinner, Saturday & Sunday all meals. As well as the evening before the course (wednesday 7th) if you choose to come earlier and the breakfast on the last morning (thursday).
Accommodation: double rooms at the folkhögskola (single rooms might be available for extra costs but cannot be guaranteed).
Location: tannery at Västra Nylands folkhögskola, Kimito, Kemiö Island / Southern Finland (near Helsinki).
Included: all materials & hides, sauna, 8 nights of accomodation (1 before and 1 after the actual course due to travel) and 4,5 days of food.
Not included: the trip / flight to and from the location, food on Friday night and Saturday - Sunday.

(you can fly to Helsinki and from there take a train and bus, if needed we can provide travel info)


€ 845,- (tax included)
This includes accomodation, meals and materials.


€ 150,=


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Please note that you will most likely have to travel to Finland a day before (May 7th) the course starts and most likely will be travelling home a day after (May 15th) it ends, due to flights.


Aanbod samenvatting

  • traditional Skandinavian tanning methodes
  • learn from traditional master tanner Hanna Nore
  • you will be tanning bird skins with feathers
  • turkey feet
  • moose ears and reindeer leg skins
  • and orignal Finnish sheep breeds
  • above that you will be taught how to sew your own traditional moose ear / reindeer leg mittens
  • or alternatively traditional pouches using moose ears and/or reindeer legs
  • working in the traditional tannery at Västra Nylands folkhögskola