Traditional Tanning in Finland

- This course will be taught by traditional Master tanner Hanna Nore from Finland -
- Course language is English -

- Course will be held in Southern Finland, Kemiö Island -

This is a new and unique chance to dive into the traditional tanning methodes of Skandinavia and learn with one of the best traditional tanning masters from that region: Hanna Nore, the author of the newly published book 'Tanning Game'.

During this 5 day (35 hours) intensive course you will learn the basics of two traditional tanning methods: fat tanning and vegetable tanning.
Whether you are a somewhat experienced tanner or fully new to this skill, this course is for you. Skandinavia has a slightly different tradition and approach in tanning animal skins which is interesting to become familiar with. You will learn to use different tools, scrapers and beams from the ones we mostly use here.

The focus of the 5 days will be on tanning raccoon dog hides, seal hides and fish skins while using techniques from Hanna's book 'Tanning Game'. Next to that you will spend many hours in a real tannery where a lot of different processes and steps from other hides, methodes, tools and approaches can be seen.

You will leave this course with a hand tanned racoon dog hide, half a seal skin and your tanned fish skin. And the knowlegde to tan more hides yourself!


Right before this tanning course Hanna holds an International Tanning Seminar at the same location which will soon be open for registration to anyone interested. So you have the unique opportunity to join this aswell and make your trip to Finland even more worth the travel.
Hand Tanning Seminar will be October 20 - 22, 2023.
There will soon be a link for more information and registration. You can let me now if interested and I will keep you up dated.


EXTRA info

Duration: 5 full days (Monday - Friday)
Group size: min 12 - max 15
Prerequisites: no prior experience needed.
Catering: all food (breakfast, lunch, dinners) are included in the price. We ask you to join in with the cooking and diswashing 'duties'.
Accommodation: double rooms at the folkhögskola (same place as the course).
Location: tannery at Västra Nylands folkhögskola, Kemiö Island / Southern Finland (near Helsinki)
Included: all materials, 6 nights of accomodation (1 before and 1 after the actual course due to travel) and 5 full days of food (breakfast, lunches, dinners).
Not included: the trip / flight to and from the location
(you can fly to Helsinki and from there take a train and bus, there will be travel info provided)



€ 595,- (tax included)
This includes accomodation, meals and materials.


€ 150,=


Startdatum Einddatum

Please note that you will have to travel to Finland a day before the course starts and most likely will be travelling home a day after it ends, due to flights.


Aanbod samenvatting

  • traditional Skandinavian tanning methodes
  • learn from traditional master tanner Hanna Nore
  • fat tanning and vegetable tanning
  • tanning racoon dog hides
  • tanning seal skins
  • tanning fish skins
  • working in the traditional tannery at Västra Nylands folkhögskola