Wintertrailing & Wildlife / Wit Rusland (NEW)

This new expedition is completely in the winter. The focus is on wildlife, tracking and trailing (following a trail) in the snow. In particular the tracks of wolf and lynx. We will certainly come across their prints.
The snow makes it possible to learn a lot about the behavior of these fascinating animals, which you simply miss in other seasons: which routes do they choose, where do they mark, where are their resting places? We check Vadim's camera traps and you can set your own. Who knows, we will come across a real 'kill' of one of these predators?

Every day we go out in a white and endless-looking landscape. Just the sound of the wind in the treetops and the crackling of snow under your feet ... as we follow the trail of a lynx!
We sleep in the log cabins of the field station from Vadim. After a day outside, the wood burning stove burns there and the sauna is heated. All the food is taken care of.
A new adventure awaits us the next day!

This winter tour is a new expedition in Belarus, where we already have an expedition in the spring. Vadim Sidorovich is again our local guide. He is a zoologist and has been conducting intensive research in recent years into wolf, lynx, their prey and their mutual relationships. The list of books he has written is impressive. He has an incredible amount of knowledge and it is a unique opportunity to go out with him. In addition to lynx and wolf, there are many other game species in the area such as moose, beaver, bald eagle, capercaillie, red deer, etc.

You do not have to purchase full 'arctic' equipment. We do, however, strongly recommend that you wear woolen (under) clothing.

Duration: 8 days (start and end time depending on flights)
Group size: min 8 - max 10
Prerequisites: not required
Level of fitness: this is a physically demanding experience. We will be covering many miles each day in snowy terrain, most of them off trail. Physical fitness is a must!
Catering: fully catered
Location: Naliboki Forest - Belarus / Wit Rusland
Accommodation: traditional woodcabins
Included: accomodation, all meals and transport in Belarus
Not included: flight from and to Minsk, your Visa and personal equipment (winter clothing and sleeping bag)




Op dit moment niet ingepland. Heb je interesse? Vul dan alsnog het aanmeldformulier in, dan houden wij je op de hoogte.

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Op dit moment niet ingepland. Heb je interesse? Vul dan alsnog het aanmeldformulier in, dan houden wij je op de hoogte.

Aanbod samenvatting

  • wildlife tracking and trailing in snow
  • learn to 'read' the stories left behind
  • trailing lynx and / or wolf
  • track & sign of especially wolf and lynx
  • aswell as other game (moose, beaver, otter, red deer and more)
  • wildlife trailcamera's
  • learning about Vadim's reasearch



I was born in Minsk, Belarus (a part of the former USSR) in 1962.


Als klein jongetje wilde ik vroeger Indiaan worden, klaar!