Track & Sign: Specialist Evaluation (CyberTracker)

This is a Specialist Evaluation, which means you need a minimum score of 96% on an earlier attended Standard Evaluation.
~ evaluators: René Nauta & John Rhyder (external) ~

Louis Liebenberg has developed the CyberTracker (CT) method in South Africa. Primarily intended for Bushmen, tracking experts, to offer them a future. In addition, the system has been set up to assess the knowledge of trackers themselves and to establish it by using an ‘evaluation’ (eval).

To attend a specialist Track & Sign eval, you must have a score of 96% or up, on a standard T&S eval. The number of questions will be equal, but there will be no more level I questions. Besides this we strive to ask a series of so called ‘bonus’ questions. All will be explained in the field.

Since 2019 we are able to offer specialist evals in Europe, all by ourselves. Plan is to rotate them in various countries (2019 - UK / corona  / 2022 - Germany / 2023 - Holland / etc). On a specialist eval an external evaluator will also be present, with aims to maintain the high standards of an eval.

A CT specialist eval consists of 2 intensive days in the field. You will be asked in between 50 and 60 questions about all kinds of track and sign from birds, mammals, amphibians, invertebrates and humans. The word 'evaluation' might sound as an exam, but it is meant as a way to qualify your knowledge which you posses at this very moment. It is above all a fantastic learning experience because you will make enormous progress in knowledge in a short period of time. Every question asked, will be thoroughly explained afterwards, so you will learn a lot from it. This is also a huge difference with a 'regular' exam. Why is this a fox track, and why is it a left front of that fox?

Detailed information will be send after enlisting.

Here is a video showing Casey McFarland explaining the tracks of a red squirrel. It is a nice example of how an evaluation works:

EXTRA info

Duration: 2 days
Group size: min 8 - max 10
Prerequisites: a minimum of 96% score on a Standard evaluation
Location: The Netherlands, exact locations will be send after enlisting
Not included: meals and overnight stays if needed.


€ 350,= (tax included)


€ 95,=


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Aanbod samenvatting

  • 2 days in the field
  • around 50 - 60 questions about all kinds of animal tracks and sign
  • multiple locations (forest, marshland, etc.)
  • practice-oriented
  • huge steps forward in knowledge
  • international certificate at the end
  • feedback on your strengths in terms of knowledge and subjects to work on