Trailing Evaluation (CyberTracker)

- evaluator is John Rhyder, senior tracker / external evaluator

In two days, with a maximum of 4 participants you will be assessed on the criteria mentioned below. We will be trailing large hooved animals (red deer, fallow deer). 

As soon as we enter the woods, we will try and find a fresh trail. From that moment on we will be on the trail! Group numbers are small so each and everyone has enough opportunities to be in the lead position.

Spoor recognition, spoor anticipation, anticipation of dangerous situations, alertness and stealth are the 5 main criteria on which an evaluation is based upon. These main categories are each again divided again in 5 subcategories. 

All these criteria combined make a trailing evaluation a thorough and indepth learning experience.
A thorough feedback will be given at the end of the two days, plus a final score where you stand in terms of skill level. 

After enlisting we will send you more info about this eval. This will also include some practical advice i.e. proper clothing and footwear to mention a few.

We also offer a two day workshop on trailing, where we will be focussing on all needed skills.

We have posted a number of stories about trailing on our BLOG. You will be linked to others via this one.

EXTRA info

Duration: 2 full days, arrival the evening before possible
Group size: max 4
Prerequisites: trailing experience strongly advised
Accomodation: 2 person bedrooms
Location: Central Holland, info will be send after enlisting
Included: accomodation, coffee and tea
Not included: meals


€ 450,= (tax included)


€ 95,= 


Op dit moment niet ingepland. Heb je interesse? Vul dan alsnog het aanmeldformulier in, dan houden wij je op de hoogte.

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Aanbod samenvatting

  • 2 intense days in the field
  • 1 location
  • practice-oriented
  • big steps forward in your skills
  • afterwards a view on your strengths in terms of knowledge, and what skills to work on
  • international CyberTracker certificate at the end