Kalahari Bushmen Expedition (Namibia)

Namibia is a vast country with an enormous variation in landscapes.
After being picked up in Windhoek we'll drive to the Erongo Mountain region, a million year old volcanic landscape with enormous boulders piled one on tp of the other. In the middle of this area we’ll set up our base camp. This is your first getting to know Africa: the sounds, the smells, the heat, birds and insect in incredible colors. Small and big game. It is simply amazing. We’ll definitely scout the area. You'll get to see maybe-thousand-year-old rock paintings once made by the Bushmen in this impressive valley. 

Africa and big wild animals come hand in hand so, of course, there’ll be a visit to a wildlife park – the Etosha National Park in the north of Namibia – and the opportunity to observe all sorts of antelopes, elephants, buffalo, big cats, etc. This will be a truly unique chance to observe all kinds of animals in their natural habitat at close range.

Hunter-gatherers still live throughout the whole world. One of the most well-known groups are the Kalahari Bushmen and we’re delighted to be able to offer a chance to experience their culture. Our Bushmen guides have been born and raised as traditional hunter-gatherers! Their knowledge for survival in the desert is incredible and their tracking skills are unprecedented. These Bushmen will be our next stop.

Obviously we'll spend most of our time in the village of the Bushmen. From close by, you’ll experience their customs and make your own tools (e.g. bow and arrow,, digging stick, cordage) or jewellery. In their thousand year old tradition we’ll head into the Kalahari wilderness for  a plant walk. Women, kids and hunters will join us. THere is also an option for an anovernight hunting trip. The hunters will literally take you with them, teaching you tracking skills which will ultimately end in a hunt for maybe a small antelope or spring hare.

Our philosophy in joining the Bushmen is to support and boost their ability to earn an income from their own culture. This has reciprocal benefits. If nothing is done to help, their knowledge will be lost forever and where will they be then? In this way we help contribute to a sustainable future.Meeting and learning from these skilled crafts- men and women will be an unforgettable and unique experience, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in their unique hunting and gathering culture. Some of the Bushmen speak Afrikaans which will be an advantage for the Dutch speakers among us.

On our way back to Windhoek Airport, we will stop over at the Waterberg Plateau, another national park. You will have a chance to a magnificent overview on top of the plateau. On the campsite, baboons, francolins, gekko's, mongoose and genets will be our neighbours. No doubt watching us on our final diner in Africa.

We coorporate with Werner Pfeiffer from Bush Culture Experience. He is a German-Namibian with a limitless knowledge of Namibia and the Kalahari Bushmen.


Naturally, we’ll be joining the activities of the Bushmen: tracking, hunting, collecting plants, making tools (bow and arrow, etc.). 100% Bushcraft!We’ll move through several different regions in this vast land, from dry to outright desert!
Included in this trip:

  • Visit to the Erongo Mountain region (old volcanic landscape) characterised by large, round, stacked boulders
  • Visit to Etosha National Park with a stunning variety of wild animals (antelopes, elephants, rhino, big cats etc.)
  • Stay with the Bushmen in //Xa/oba, the Living Hunters Museum in the northeast of Namibia. The people living in this area are the only ones of their cultural group officially allowed to hunt in the traditional manner
  • Head out with trackers. Some are traditionla master trackers according to the CyberTracker system
  • Learn how to make jewellery and utensils such as bow and arrow, spear, knife, or digging stick
  • Get acquainted with the Bushmen
  • Experience a traditional overnight hunting trip in the wilderness with a small group of Bushmen
  • Option to head out with one of the hunter’s to find, follow and, hopefully, hunt prey (with poison arrows, spears or long hooked sticks for spring hare)
  • Visit to the Waterberg Plateau (rhinos, baboon, cape vulture, jackal, porcupine etc.)

Click here for a detailed brochure about this trip. The brochure, due to our limited time, is a bit out of date (e.g. Etosha not mentioned). But it'll provide you with a lot of other information. 

Dates: Januari 12th - Januari 25th 2020
Duration: 14 days (excluding flights)
Number of participants:
Minimum 6 – maximum 8
Namibia – Kalahari
Including all transfers, food and accommodation in Namibia. Excluding international flights and snacks while in Namibia.

"Please be aware that the price of the course provided on our website is indicative only. Due to the constantly changing exchange rates (NAD-EUR), prices will vary accordingly."