Willow Lohr

Instructrice Mukluks cursus

Willow has spend most of her life living in the remoter parts of the Scottish Highlands. Although born in the Netherlands, the rugged conditions and dramatic landscape of Scotland is where she feels most at home. After completing her degree and MPhil in Philosophy, Willow's occupations have always been determined by two motto's; work with a good view before you and be creative with your hands. As such she has become an accomplished craftswoman in many traditional skills, spanning from Neolithic times to the present.
Living on a small holding with rare breed sheep, hens and bees, Willow has always been intriqued to learn the skills which enable us to live 'off the land' and 'free from society'.
She holds an Expert Bee-Master’s Certificate. She taught herself spinning, tanning, leatherwork, felting, bone and wood carving, indigenous arts, plant crafts and tipi making. In 2003 this led her to a three year apprenticeship in wilderness living skills and survival techniques under Juha Rankinen (Sweden).
She went on to instruct bushcraft courses for Ray Mears. In 2009 Willow joined Woodsmoke. There she was given the opportunity to design, develop and lead courses which were virtually non-existent in the UK, such as Buckskin Tanning, Bone & Antler carving and Mukluk moccasin making. In 2012 she was awarded the Hazel-Handled Instructors' knife by Ben and Lisa of Woodsmoke.
In 2012 she passed the rigours of a 2 day long International Tracking and Sign Interpretation Evaluation at 97% (level 3) and in 2014 and 2015 at 91% (level 3) in The Netherlands. 
Currently she is working as a freelance bushcraft and hand-craft instructor in Scotland, designing and instructing courses for professional institutions, schools, corporate events, international bushcraft companies, local groups and individuals.